Photography courses offered from Beginner to Advanced in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana

Photography Courses with EMP

  • EMP offers the best photography courses for a photography career or to improve skills needed for a hobby of photography.
  • At EMP, only the best professional photographers with decades of experience teach you.
  • EMP’s photography courses are affordable and time-efficient.
  • Photography courses, classes and workshops are held at many venues to choose from.
  • Students are always given guidance during practical photoshoots and are assessed for improvement.
  • Lecture notes are given during photography lessons.
  • Class breaktimes are at the student’s convenience.
  • Contact services of the photography lecturer are available even after the course ends.

Photography courses near me?

EMP makes it easy for people to find photography courses near them. As, EMP offers many photography courses and workshops at many different venues nearby. EMP offers photography classes around South Africa in Durban and Drakensberg, KZN. EMP’s photography workshops are offered in South African game reserves in Mkuze, Hluhluwe-Imfolozi and Maputaland. Photography workshops are also offered in Botswana and Namibia game reserves in Kasane and Etosha National ParkThese are the best hands-on practical and theory photography courses one can find in these regions.

Photography courses offered are from Beginner to Advanced levels. Each photography course is specially designed to be informative and easy to learn. All photography courses are hands-on with the best photographers teaching and guiding students along the way. They are led by award winning photographer, Emanuel Maria. Emanuel is an expert in photography who has plenty of his photos published in several print media. EMP’s photography courses cover camera techniques, photo editing and many types of photography. These types include Flash, Macro, Portrait, Wedding and Wildlife photography. At EMP, lecturers also guide and help students after they have completed their courses.

Listed below are all of EMP’s photography courses near you.

Photography courses in Underberg

Short photography course

camera training course



Short photography courses run on weekends in Underberg, Drakensberg. This photographic workshop is specially made for those who want to start learning photography but don’t have enough time.

Firstly, the students learn how to handle their camera properly and adjust all settings. Camera training includes ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Depth of Field,  Focus, Tracking Focus and other functions. Secondly, they learn how to capture the best shots. Thereafter, all student photos are assessed and feedback is given for improvement.

For any queries on this course, contact Emanuel Maria on 0836541953/

Photography Courses In Durban

Durban city

Studying photography in Durban is a great choice for Durbanites and city visitors who want to learn photography. Durban, known as the “Vegas of SA” has some of the most gorgeous places and sights to capture. A lot of photography students say that they enjoy practical photoshoots in this city.

At EMP, photography courses in Durban are offered from Beginner to Advanced levels. These courses cover the best and most popular photography genres of today. Every photography class is led by expert photographers who are well-known in their fields. EMP’s Durban photography classes are in-depth, easy-to-learn and have the best practical photoshoots.

Photography courses for Beginners

EMP’s One-day Photography Courses for beginners in Durban are held at El Palma Guest House, Amanzimtoti, South Africa. In this photography workshop, students learn camera settings and five basic photography courses. These basic photography courses are Flash, Macro, Portrait, and Wedding Photography. In the fifth course students learn how to edit and fine tune images using Adobe Photoshop.

Flash photography course


Macro photography course


Portrait photography course


Wedding photography course


Photoshop photography course


Lecture notes are given during Theory and all photoshoots are done in Durban as practicals. Coffee and Tea breaks will also be taken and covered in the one-time payment. The Photography course for beginners is R1500.00 per person.

The time and date will be arranged to best suit all students. However, if you have any queries or are unsure of something please contact Emanuel Maria (The lecturer) via 0836541953 or

Part time photography courses in Durban

EMP offers photography lessons on weekends for the student’s convenience. These photo classes are a good choice for those that want to study but don’t have enough time. These photography courses will give students the confidence and knowledge of getting to know how to use their camera. In addition, students also learn how to use attachments to their best potential. 

Go on and view some of the student images to see the output of these courses. Read about what Lectures EMP offers and see where these courses could lead you.

Photography Courses In South Africa

south africa

EMP offers Photographic workshops in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia for Wildlife/Animal Photography. These are the most in-depth and hands-on wildlife photography courses in these African regions. They are led by award-winning photographer and tutor, Emanuel Maria. EMP’s photography workshops run mainly in game reserves and parks which are the best places for wildlife photoshoot lessons.

Wildlife photography workshop


Wildlife photography workshop


Wildlife photography workshop


Wildlife photography workshop


Wildlife photography lessons

These photography workshops have the best wildlife practical lessons anyone could take. Students/learners go on field trips into the animal’s natural habitat for practicals. Field trips take place via safari drive and on a boat for transport. This course is Five Days long.

The course venues are Mkuze Game Reserve (SA)Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park (SA)Ndumo Game Reserve (SA)Giant’s Castle Resort (SA)Kasane (Botswana)Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Kalahari), and Etosha National Park (Namibia). They are conducted by well known and expert photographers during each and every trip. Cost/prices will differ depending on location and exchange rate. Contact us via email or call 0836541953 for any cost queries.

Photoshop photography course

Photoshop photography course
photo edit course

EMP offers a photoshop course as part of the beginner photography course. This is a one day photography course. In this Photoshop course, students learn how to edit images. Fine-tuning photos in image format through Photoshop is one of the last steps of photography. Photographers use the tools in Photoshop to do touch ups, cropping, focus, background edits and other adjustments. All tools that are needed for photography will be shown and taught to students in this course.

Best photo editing app

The best photo editing app is Adobe Photoshop and this is without a doubt. Photoshop is one of the many Adobe apps in the Creative Cloud. Adobe Photoshop is the best app to edit photos/images for anything and everything. It has all the tools needed for photography touch ups and adjustments.

This app allows users to edit photos/images in as many ways as possible. Photoshop gives people options to cut, crop, sharpen, pixelate, smoothen and rearrange images. This photo app also comes with plenty of other great filters to choose from. Therefore, a user can edit images as to what they can imagine. Editing photos/images in Photoshop is easy once the person knows how to use the app properly. Getting Photoshop installed on a computer is also easy as long as the device has enough RAM. Photoshop is installed from the Adobe creative cloud which is found online on Adobe’s website. It takes 4 GB of available hard-disk space; additional space is required for installation.

Conversion to CD & DVD service also available

Convert your photos, videos and music from old film to CD/DVD format and preserve your most precious memories. At EMP, we do our best to ensure the best quality restoration. Contact Emanuel Maria via cellphone call, WhatsApp or email for a quote.

Convert to CD/DVD

When it comes to a photography course, many ask or wonder...

  • What is photography?
  • What is a photography course?
  • Types of photography courses?
  • What careers are there in photography?
  • Which photography course is best?
  • What is required for a photography course?
  • How much does a photography course cost?
  • Where to study photography?
  • Photography schools near me?
  • How to sign up for a photography course?

So here's a simple breakdown of these photography course queries

What is photography?


Photography is the art, science and practice of capturing and preserving images by recording light. This is done electronically with an image sensor or chemically with a light-sensitive material like photographic film.

Destin Sparks (award-winning landscape photographer) once said, “Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

What is a photography course?

course in photography meaning

It is a course that teaches students camera knowledge & techniques, photography lighting, photography genres, and photo editing.

Types of photography courses

course types

The different types of photography courses are based on the time, level and genres offered.

Time based photography courses:

  • Short photography course
  • Part-time photography course
  • Full-time photography course

Venue based photography courses:

  • On-site photography course
  • Online photography course

Level based photography courses:

  • Basic/beginner photography course
  • Intermediate photography course
  • Advanced photography course
  • Diploma photography course

Genre-based photography courses:

  • Flash photography
  • Macro photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Pictorial photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Food photography
  • Product photography
  • Sports photography
  • Street photography

Career in photography

photography career

A career in photography is a good path to take for those who have a passion for it. A photography career is very popular among many age groups these days. As it is no longer considered as just a hobby. This career is also as profitable as it is popular. It is one of those careers that one can enjoy doing while working. Photographers either work for companies, freelance or do both and make extra cash on the side. Photo jobs include taking out stock photos, print media & marketing photo shoots and various types of photography shoots. The various types of photography are Landscape, Wildlife, Nature, Sports/Action, Fine Art, Pictorial, Wedding, Fashion, Portrait and Macro. The photo shoot work environment depends on the type of photography that’s shot.

List of careers in photography

  • Wedding photographer – Capturing all events and activities of weddings.
  • Portrait photographer 
  • Commercial photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Stock photographer – Taking out high quality photos for stock. Images to be sold for print media, commercial use or other.
  • Travel photographer
  • Wildlife photographer – Photoshoots of wild animals in their natural habitat.
  • Nature photographer – Shooting natural environments around the world.
  • Sports photographer – Taking photos of various sports, sport gear and the grounds that they take place on.
  • Fashion photographer – Capturing fashion runways, new trends, clothes, jewelry, shoes  and other fashion items.

Which photography course is best?

The best photography course to choose depends on the photography level and genre of photography one wants to pursue. For those who are new to photography, a Basic/Beginner’s photography course is the ideal choice. In this course, students learn how to use their cameras, photo knowledge and various creative techniques.

Apart from beginners, some people already know how to use their cameras and have digital photography knowledge. In this case, an Intermediate photography course is the one to go for. This course explores further developed camera functions, techniques, composition and flash.

However, if one is at an Intermediate level already, he/she should book an Advanced/Pro photography course. An advanced photography course covers advanced camera settings, techniques, shoot preps, exposure and lighting aspects.

A person’s photography niche is also very important when choosing a course. Everyone has an idea of the photography genre they want to pursue or enjoy shooting. This is when one should pick a course that’s specifically designed for the genre of their niche. For example, if a person loves to capture portraits, he/she should pick a Portrait photography course.

What is required for a photography course?

Every school has their own needs to be met for courses.

What subjects are needed?

There are no specific subjects needed to study most photography courses in South Africa. However, subjects such as Visual Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Design are recommended for certain institutes. Subjects may vary per institute and so each institute needs to be contacted for these specific details.

At EMP, no school subjects are needed. An interest and/or passion for photography is more than enough.

What gear is needed?

photography gear
  • DSLR camera
  • Camera Tripod
  • Remote shutter release
  • Prime Lens
  • External Flash
  • Batteries and charger
  • SD memory cards
  • Cleaning kit for camera
  • Camera strap
  • Camera bag

Photography course prices

course cost

Photography course prices in South Africa can range from as little as R1500 to R60000 plus. The prices of these photography courses depend on the photography course level, genre, gear, time and venue. Photography course levels are offered from Beginner to Advanced. Photography courses are also offered as a Diploma level course. The photography courses for beginners start from R1500. An Intermediate photography course can range from R1600 to R 11000+ across SA. An Advanced photography course can range from R5900 to R 60000. A Diploma photography course in SA in 2021 ranges from R10000 to R23100+.

Some photography schools save students extra costs by providing them with all the photographic gear needed. Other schools require students to atleast buy a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) camera. This is one of the extra photography course costs. Sometimes photography schools also charge a booking fee that they do not refund. As for supposedly free photography courses, they are usually free for only a certain time period.

Where to study photography?

where to study

The best places to study photography is at schools, colleges, universities or other institutes that offer photography courses. Each institute offers different types of photography courses. It is best to choose an institute that’s near with in-depth course offers and good prices.

Photography schools near me?


Studying at a photography school nearby is worth it. There’s no stress of travel distance and students receive the attention they need at better times. Many South African cities and towns have good photography schools. These cities include Joburg, Pretoria, Durban, Stellenbosch and Cape Town. A lot of these photography schools offer nearby on-site classes and online lessons as well.

These days anyone can easily find a campus that is nearest to them with a simple Google search. At EMP, nearby photography classes and workshops can also be easily found on the Register/Contact page. Click the page mentioned to have a view.

How to sign up for a photography course?

sign up

Signing up for a course is easy and is done within a few steps.

Sign up options:

  • Go directly to the photography school and fill in an application form.
  • Search for the photography school online and fill in a Register form for the course.
  • At EMP, anyone can either call, email, WhatsApp text or fill in the form on the Register page.

How photography can change lives

Firstly, a photograph can inspire many. It can also change someone’s views and shake someone’s ideals. Moreover, photography could educate, and inspire others to act. They may invoke your innermost emotions such as fear and anxiety. Not only do photographs affect personal lives, similarly they can affect the public as well. In other words, it can change your life too.


“Emanuel, thank you so much for your services. Having you as a photographer was a wonderful experience! Thank you for all the laughter😊 will definitely use your services again!”

Alidra Naidoo