Student Photographs

Messages from past students

“Hi Bootie from Govan Mani

Belated email – but thanks very much for donating the Nikon – cap, beanie, and outdoor 5 in 1 gear – for Emanuel & Peter’s photo September workshop at The Garden Lodge at Chobe. The prize, especially the multipurpose gear has been put to good use in the Brisbane storm season. Really enjoyed the workshop .. Nikon rules! Now feel the need to go back to Antarctica now that I’m familiar with my camera (D200 .. hey, it only took 4 years to figure it out!)

Emanuel – Ron’s just distributed the schedule for Kenya – awesome. Thanks so much for your advice on the trip. Still sorting the photos out”

Helen Clarke

“Dear Bootie, Govan Mani

I would like to thank you for your support of the fantastic photographic course and safari at the Chobe River in Botswana Sep 20-25. Always liked my photography but the four days with Emanuel and Peter took me to a far different level. Not only have I improved my photographic skills significantly but at the same time learned to observe wildlife and to critically look at the pics I take. The course made the trip a lifetime experience I will never forget. Emanuel and Peter converted a group of average hobby photographers into a bunch of fanatics who for the remainder of the trip kept on discussing exposure compensation, ISO, aperture, and action shots, fighting Nikon/Canon disputes and silently adding dollar figures to upgrade their current equipment.

I also want to thank you for the Nikon prize box I won with one of my shots (see attached). The daily competition was an additional driver that supported the learning experience.”