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Whether you want to start a photography career or take up a new hobby, EMP has a course for you. Our photography courses are specially designed for all levels of photographers and hobbyists. No school grades or subjects are required for any of EMP’s photography courses. Anyone who has an interest in photography and wants to learn photography skills can book a course.

Photography classes/workshops in SA & nearby countries

Photography courses and workshops are offered from Beginner to Advanced levels. These courses/workshops run in DurbanUnderbergNamibiaBotswana and the Kalahari. Photography courses start of with camera knowledge, techniques and settings. Then, later cover the types of photography offered in the course. And, so students do various types of photoshoots for their practicals. EMP’s photography workshops, however, are broken down into field trips. Field trips take place at game reserves & parks and this is where workshop students do practical photoshoots. Lastly, students learn how to edit their photographs using Photoshop. All student photographs are assessed and feedback is given for improvement. Students learn how to improve on what they have already learnt in the courses.

EMP’s dedicated lecturers teach, guide and assist all students throughout every photography lesson. Advice and assistance are also given to students after the course ends through calls, messages, emails and social networks. EMP’s photography students also get the chance to network with other like-minded people and well-known photographers. All photography students leave EMP well equipped with valuable knowledge and skills to become the best photographers.

All the photography course details are given below.  You can apply for a course by clicking the “Book Course” button at the end of each course description below. Alternatively, you can also fill in the form on the Register page.

Photography courses for beginners

Photography courses in Durban

This set of photography courses are a One-day special conducted at Amanzimtoti. They are specially designed for photography beginners. If you want to start a photography career or take photography as a hobby, then this course is for you. These courses are also good for those who just want to learn how to shoot better photos and enhance them.

Photography courses for beginners Modules cover camera training, photography lighting, three types of photography and photo editing. During camera training, students learn the right ways to set and handle their cameras. The Photography lighting is taught through a Flash Photography lesson. The three types of photography offered are Macro, Portrait and Wedding Photography. These are some of the most popular photography types around the world today. They are also the most profitable photography types that one can shoot. The photo editing photography lesson is the last and final session. In this lesson, students use an application called Adobe Photoshop to edit their photos.

These photography lessons consist of both theory and practicals. During theory, course notes will be provided to students. For practicals, students perform photoshoots for Flash, Macro, Portrait and Wedding photography. Photography lecturers conduct and supervise all student photoshoots. After photoshoots, all student photographs taken are analyzed. Then, feedback is given to the students to improve on their work.

These are the most affordable, needed and best photography courses for beginners in Durban. Tea/coffee is also included in the one-time payment. Ah, Yes! After spending enough time learning, breaks are taken to rest, chill, eat and drink.

Beginner Photography Course Modules

  • Camera training

Students learn camera techniques and settings.

  • Flash

flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light to help illuminate a scene. The major purpose of a flash is to illuminate a dark scene. Other uses are capturing quickly moving objects or changing the quality of light. Flash refers either to the flash of light itself or to the electronic flash unit discharging the light. In this lesson, students learn how to use the Flash device.

  • Macro

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography. It is usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. By the original definition, a macro photograph is one in which the size of the subject on the negative or image sensor is life size or greater.[6] However, in some uses it refers to a finished photograph of a subject at greater than life size.[7]

In this lesson, students learn how to capture magnified photographs of tiny objects or small creatures.

  • Portraits & Weddings

Portrait photography are photographs of people or group(s) that capture the personality of the subject. This is done by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses.

Wedding photography is the photography of events and activities relating to weddings.

  • Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an application that gives a wide scope to “fine-tune” photographs and get great prints. This app is the best for photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is also well recognised and used globally by many companies, designers and photographers. Photography students learn how to edit their photos/images using Photoshop tools. These tools enable students to enhance their photos/images with the use of many filters and setting options.

Beginner Photography Course benefits

  • Individual attention for all lessons.
  • Learning new skills that never get old.
  • Learning photography tricks and techniques from the best in the industry.
  • The joy of capturing while studying photography.
  • Finding out the depth of creativity one has within him/herself.
  • Meeting like-minded people and photographers from many places.
  • Building a greater network.
  • Leaving happy filled with new skills, knowledge and many photography ideas waiting to be pursued.

Beginner Photography Course Details

Venue: El Palma Guest House, Amanzimtoti, Durban

Conducted By: Emanuel Maria

Cost: R1500 pp for the one day. This covers all lecture notes, practical assistance and tea / coffee.

Contact Details of Lecturer:

Emanuel Maria

Cell: 0836541953


Sakhamen Mhlongo

The course was very informative and I learned a lot with regards to how Cameras work and I can’t thank you enough for the detailed explanations.

Joan Cox

Hi Emanuel, I still remember doing your beginners course many years ago, and since then have done many trips to Kgalagadi, Sabi Sands, Thornybush and Kruger. Still, really enjoy our photography. Take Care.

Zenzele Mzimela

Dear Emanuel

I attended your beginner’s course on 12 November 2022. We were with two other ladies, yet you had time for all of us. I was impressed by your passion in photography and your drive to assist others understand their devices better. I now know the important concepts, “Aperture, shutter speed and ISO”, with reference to photography. I feel  more confident with my device and have been enjoying taking sharp and crispy pictures. After the completion of the course, I have ditched auto programme for good. I will be sending my pictures for your evaluation soon. Happy photography!


Nothando Dlomo

Greetings Emanuel, We would like to extend our gratitude for the amazing training you afforded us

Wildlife Photography Course

Wildlife photography is a class of photography concerned with reporting different shapes of natural life in their normal territory. Shooting wildlife photographs requires a good camera, skills, and techniques.

If you love wildlife photography or want to become a wildlife photographer, this is the course for you. Shooting wildlife photographs is one thing but doing it the right way is another. So, why not learn from professional wildlife photographers whose photos have been published and led to winning awards? Take a photo journey through wild animals’ natural habitats and learn how to capture the best wildlife photographs. Explore beautiful places and capture nature’s best wildlife moments. Book this amazing wildlife photography course and do all of the above.

EMP's wildlife photography workshops

EMP offers easy learning Five days wildlife photography courses for all levels of photographers. These wildlife workshops run in South Africa, Botswana, the Kalahari and Namibia. Every wildlife photography course is broken down into field trips. In each field trip, students learn how to capture the best wildlife photos at game reserves and parks. Students go on field trips for practical photo lessons. All photography lessons and field trips are led by expert photographers who always teach and guide learners. Photography students travel through the game reserves and parks via Safari drive and on a boat. On safari drives, students shoot photos of wildlife on land. On boat rides, students shoot wildlife photos of wild animals in the water. Photography lecturers assess all student photographs and give students feedback. Feedback is given to students to correct mistakes, improve their skills and show them where they went wrong.

These are the most hands-on and easy wildlife photography courses in South Africa and nearby countries. All EMP’s wildlife photography workshops are valuable, informative and fun at the same time. Students attending just need a good camera and an interest in the course. Easy payment options are also are available for all workshops.

Wildlife Photography Course features

  • Basic requirements.
  • Equipment usage – The correct way of using equipment.
  • All the techniques to handle the Camera settings for good wildlife photographs.
  • Practical guidance of the process of capturing wildlife.
  • Assessment and review of student photographs taken.
  • Practical guidance and lessons for photographic improvement.

Wildlife Photography Course Details

Venues: Mkuze Game Reserve ( SA ), Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park ( SA ), Ndumo Game Reserve ( SA ), Giant’s Castle Resort ( SA ), Kasane ( Botswana ), Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park ( Kalahari ), Etosha National Park ( Namibia )

Conducted by: Emanuel Maria

Cost: Depends on venue and exchange rate. Contact the lecturer for the price in your area.

Contact Details of the Lecturer

Emanuel Maria

Cell: 0836541953


Franziska Loehrer

Emanuel Maria hi Emanuel. You were my first and best mentor for wildlife photography – which extended to landscape and everything that makes us happy and excited. Thank you!

What students say to us about our Photography Courses...

“Thanks for a great week; we have really learned a lot”
Jan & Carin Rabie
"Thanks for an awesome experience, and especially for convincing me to attend. I loved every minute of it and the week was over far too quickly. Please update me with the details and costs of next year’s trip as I have a few friends who may be keen."
Mike van Heerden
"Thanks to you and Emmanuel for a wonderful trip."
Antoinette Faulds
"Hi Emanuel, Peter, Just a quick note to express my thanks for a terrific time in Botswana. The Chobe River is endlessly fascinating and you opened it up for me, for all of us. A special thanks to you Emanuel for letting me use the awesome D700 and 70-200 lens. Without it I would not have had a stills camera on safari in Africa. Imagine that! Please pass on my appreciation to Nikon South Africa for the generosity in enabling this to happen. Here's a jpeg of the Fish Eagle we saw. I know the cut down size doesn't do it justice, but you can still see the Nikon caught the imminent impact beautifully"
Tony Munday