Photographic courses

Types of Photographic courses?

There are many types of photographic courses. Namely, short courses, part-time courses and full-term courses. Short term photography courses may take a few days to a week to complete. Part-time photography courses can take a year or so to complete. Full-term photography courses such as a Diploma course can take a year to complete. A B.A in Visual Arts and photography can take three years to complete.

There are also specific photography genre courses such as wedding, macro, portrait and wildlife photography courses, etc.

Types of Photography

There are many types of photography and genres of them too. Namely, they are Landscape, Wildlife, Nature, Sports/Action, Fine Art, Pictorial, Wedding, Fashion, Portrait and Macro Photography. Genres include Bird Photography of which is a genre of Nature Photography. Each type is special and unique in its own way. Photographers use their skills, knowledge and gear to capture the different types of photography. 

Out of all the types, Portrait photography is one of the most popular. Landscape, fashion, fine art, wildlife, wedding and macro photography are also popular among many. However, the most profitable are photography for marketing, social media, events, family, babies, landscape, wildlife and stock. As for the photography types that are in demand, Portrait and Family photos take the cake. The demand for these types grows as things change and families grow. They are a good choice for freelancers.

In many cases, according to Quora feed people feel that Macro Photography is one of the easiest types. Macro photography also does well on social media along with Bird and Wildlife.

How do I start learning photography?

Firstly, you should do your homework. Do research on photography and courses for it. Search for photography keywords on Google. Read books about photography and photographic courses. Ask photography lecturers for advice on courses. Join photographic course social media groups and read their comments and reviews.

Secondly, think carefully about what type of photographer you want to become.

Thirdly, choose a photographic course based on the type of photographer you want to be and the data you’ve gathered. Thereafter, get all the photography gear needed for the course. Finally, revise your choice and make adjustments if need be.

Lastly, apply for a photography course and practice. All photographers learn best from practicing.

How much does photographic courses cost?

A photographic course for beginners starts from R1200 which is usually a One-day special. These basic photographic courses include Flash, Macro, Portrait & Wedding, and Adobe Photoshop classes. Other Short photography courses and workshops can range from R1600 to R3000 in South Africa. These short courses and workshops include camera knowledge, Flash & Lighting, Outdoor Photography, Photo Editing, and Fashion classes.

What do I need for photographic courses?

One needs money, gear and time that is required for the course. The money depends on how much the photography course costs. The gear could be just a camera or a stand and more lenses to go along with it. The time depends on how much time is required for the course. Some short course can run from 1-5 days.

What courses should I take to become a photographer?

A photographic course based on the type of photography you enjoy to capture. For example, if you enjoy taking photos of fashion, you should take a fashion photo course. However, one should always start with a photographic course for beginners.

Where can I take photography classes for beginners?

At a school, college or university in a nearby area that offers photographic classes for beginners. EMP, DPC and Vega offer these courses in South Africa.

Which course is best for photography?

photographic course

The best option is a course that’s specifically suited for the Type of Photography that the student wants to pursue. For example, if a person wants to become a Wildlife Photographer, He/She should study Wildlife Photography.

If you want to be an All-Round Photographer, you should study All Photography/Photographic Genres. You also should choose a Diploma in Digital Photography course. Taking Digital Image and Photo Editing courses are also useful & needed.

Are photography courses worth it?

Photographic courses are worth taking and learning. They help students qualify as photographers and give them the knowledge and training they need.

Are photographic courses workshops worth it?

Photographic workshops are good for on the job photoshoot training. The workshop can help students with photo practicals of which are needed.

Are online photography courses worth it?

If the student doesn’t need practical photography training, then Online courses are worth it for him/her. If it’s not the case, then Online courses are not worth it.